2/2 If The Season Ended Today: Our NFL Playoff Predictions


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As we head in to the last two weeks of the regular season, the NFL playoff picture is shaping up nicely. Who will make it? Who will be this year’s dark horse? And, who will prove to be this year’s Superbowl Champion? In this second of two blog posts we take a look at the playoff picture as it stands and give you our predictions on how the NFC Conference and who will be going head-to-head in ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’.

As It Stands

Source: NFL.com

NFC Wild Card Round:

Packers at Cowboys

Two of the most historic teams in the NFL going head-to-head in the playoffs. What could be better than that? The Packers started this season as the No.1 team week on week in the Power Rankings, but have dropped a little further down after a poor showing last week at the Buffalo Bills. On the other hand, America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys, are on a roll, blitzing teams with their offense and we can’t see much other than the Colts next week, stopping them.

We’re giving this close tie to the Dallas Cowboys, who will once again establish their place in the post season after years of disappointment.

Seahawks at Saints

The reigning champions come up against the New Orleans Saints here in what we think will prove to be a close encounter. The Saints have had some great wins this season, smashing the Packers and showing signs of the form they had a few years ago which won them a Superbowl against the Indianapolis Colts in 2009. Though they may have disappointed after last years incredible season, the Seahawks are still a force to be reckoned with and will push the Saints in this matchup.

We’re giving this one to the Seahawks who are on a roll at the moment, just in time for a surprise post-season streak, perhaps.



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NFC Divisional Round

 Seahawks at Cardinals

The Cardinals have been good this season, surprisingly so perhaps, but are they coming unstuck right when it matters? Bruce Arians has built a good team over in Arizona and they deserve to be where they are, but with a few weak offensive performances of late and the Seahawks having arguably the best defence in the league we think they may struggle here despite their home field advantage. The Cards only hope is their decent run defence against the Seahawks unbelievably good rushing game.

Seahawks take this one and head to their second Conference Championship in two years.

Cowboys at Lions

The Lions have performed well this season with the help of a solid QB in Matt Stafford and a great receiving corps of emerging star, Golden Tate, and the legend that is Calvin Johnson. However, Detroit have struggled to perform against in form teams this season, and the Cowboys are certainly an in form team at the moment. Will America’s Team continue a run of success in the Divisional Round?

We think so, Go Cowboys Go. Dallas takes this one and head back to Cowboy Stadium to face the Seahawks for the NFC Championship.

NFC Conference Championship

Seahawks at Cowboys

The Cowboys have seemingly come out of nowhere this season, and we have them making an appearance in the NFC Championship game at home against Seattle. However, that’s where the fairy tail ends for Dallas; we don’t see them making it past the Seahawks, have gone from strength to strength just when it matters. Dallas run the ball well, but with Murray recovering from hand surgery, their sure not going to run it as well as Marshawn Lynch can and they definitely don’t have a defence that can compete on the same level as that of Seattle. In the end we see this being a seemingly easy victory for the Seahawks against a Dallas team who aren’t complete enough to compete for a Superbowl.

We think Seattle will head to another Superbowl this year, turning their season around after a disappointing start.


The Superbowl

Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks

So there you have it, we reckon it will be a repeat of last years Superbowl matchup as the Broncos take on the Seahawks in Arizona this year. Will the result be the same as last years? Will Seattle walk it as Manning crumbles? Or will we see on of the NFL’s greatest ever players gain the second Superbowl title that he, perhaps, deserves?

You decide! Tell us what you think and comment below with your predictions for this year’s NFL playoffs, which no matter the result will prove to be action packed entertainment, as on any given Sunday, anything can happen.


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