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adidas Boost

It’ll change your run forever. Those are the words adidas are using to promote their latest running shoe, the adidas Boost. It’s a statement that almost any company could pass off as truth in an attempt to drive as many sales of their latest product as possible, but, as experts in sport (and enthusiastic runners), we can tell you now that that statement is as true as they come.

The adidas Boost is designed to promote a high-energy return and boasts extremely soft cushioning for the ultimate in comfort. The shoe contains 1000s of special energy capsules that are melted together into one midsole, whilst the adiwear® outsole provides the highest durability in high-wear conditions, making it last that much longer.

As we said above, some of us here at are enthusiastic runners and the Boost is high on our individual wishlists. This revolutionary running shoe is, according to adidas, the first in a series of new running shoes that will change the way you run (utilising the first instance of the revolutionary BOOST™ technology), and likely turn casual runners into more serious aficionados by the sounds of it.

Our pre-order sales have been flying out of the door and feedback on social media has been very positive for the adidas Boost. Talk amongst runners of its lightweight design, supreme comfort and high-energy release midsole have created a buzz around the Boost. Even the likes of Olympic Gold medalist, and arguably the greatest runner of all-time, Haile Gebrselassie, has been talking up the shoe.

BOOST YOUR RUN and pick yours up from here: adidas Boost Running Shoe.


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