adidas Predator Incurza SG Review


adidas Predator Incurza SG

Our friends over at Rugby Boot Reviews put the new adidas Predator Incurza SG  boots to the test, you can watch their video below:

Headlined by Dan Carter, George Ford and Jonathan Sexton the latest generation of the Predator Incurza by adidas is targeted for the kickers of the game, the fly halves, scrum halves and fullbacks. The Incurza is the most rugby-specific boot and is inspired by the football/soccer Predator and it’s designed to harness your kicking power and accuracy through the use of several technologies including the SL Kicking Zones and HYBRIDTOUCH.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Right out of the box the Incurza will mould and form to your foot shape quickly and easily. Compared to it’s football cousin the Predator Instinct, the upper is much thicker and solid and adidas designed it to be that way to your feet will be fully protected in heavy tackles, rucks and mauls. A solid internal heel counter with lined grooves ensures a tight and snug fit of your heel into the boot while the sole distributes stud pressure evenly for a super feeling under your foot.

adidas Predator Incurza SG

BREAK-IN: Comprised of HYBRIDTOUCH and SL Rubber Kicking Zones the thickness of the upper is something to note when breaking these boots in. Essentially the thicker the upper the more time you need to break the boots in so on that rule you should take an extra two or three sessions to fully break these boots in.

adidas Predator Incurza SG

HYBRIDTOUCH: Featuring a synthetic upper material dubbed HYBRIDTOUCH, it combines the benefits of both synthetics and leather in one. The Incurza’s HYBRIDTOUCH acts very similar to leather but it won’t stretch over time, it won’t uptake as much water, it’s much lighter and you can create more unique and interesting designs, four major benefits to the new Incurza. The HYBRIDTOUCH material combined with several inner linings makes this a very comfortable boot for rugby.

adidas Predator Incurza SG

SL RUBBER KICKING ZONES: Located in the striking zone are the specially designed SL Rubber Kicking Zones designed to harness kicking accuracy and power. The rubber zones are lined and raised to create extra friction between the boot and the ball. The zones will be maximised by the off-centre lacing system which creates a much larger and more uniform striking surface great for box and place kicking.

adidas Predator Incurza SG

SOLE: Inspired by adidas football’s 11Pro sole, the soleplate system for the Incurza is designed to offer the highest level of pressure distribution for a world classing feeling under your feet. In the soft ground version it features a total of six metal studs and five triangular studs this traction system does great work on soft ground surfaces, perfect for a fly half needing that extra bit of space to create plays.

adidas Predator Incurza SG

PROTECTION: Like most rugby specific boots protection is an important aspect to your game and this Predator Incurza is equipped with a solid internal heel counter and upper for world class protection in every direction. Four heel studs and seven forefoot studs enable the highest levels of stability and pressure distribution. Weighing around 323 grams, the boot’s weight is a good view on how protective these boots are.

DURABILITY: Built with modern synthetic technologies the current generation Predator Incurza is much more durable than previous generations. The upper won’t take up as much water resulting in a boot which will stay the same weight in the whole 80 minutes of the match.

VERDICT: Now integrating HYBRIDTOUCH, the current generation of Predator Incurza results in a much more durable and lightweight rugby specific boot than previous generations. Pricing at around £160, this boot is a great option if you a professional or club level player who are serious about your game. The Predator Incurza Elite is also available in you don’t to pay the premium of a pro-level Incurza silo. There’s a good reason why the likes of Dan Carter and Jonathan Sexton prefer this adidas boot over others on the market.

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