Competition Terms & Conditions


Please read the below terms and conditions before entering any social media competitions:

1. The winner of the competition will be selected at random.

2. Winners will be expected to respond within a 4 hour time-frame unless otherwise stated within the competition on social media.

3. If the winner of the competition hasn’t responded within 4 hours, Kitbag reserve the right to remove them from the competition.

Kitbag reserves the right to withdraw any competition if circumstances arise beyond their control. Kitbag disclaim any responsibility for lost entries, delays or errors via the Internet or the registration of incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate information whether fault of the participant or by the malfunction of any equipment or technical problem or by any other technical or administrative error. Kitbag reserve the right to remove any entries deemed to be anti religious, racist, sexual references, generally offensive etc. By entering this competition you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.

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