F1: Nico Rosberg vs Lewis Hamilton



Whether you Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg, there is nothing more entertaining than watching the two battle it out every grand prix. Especially knowing that the two have been childhood friends, it adds an extra edge to the battles the pair go through.

It’s a rivalry you don’t often see in Formula one, or certainly not so intense between drivers on the same team. It’s often said in F1 that healthy competition between drivers on the same team can result in a better points total come the end of the season but some partnerships work the other way, such as the Ferrari partnership between Massa and Schumacher; whereby one driver plays second fiddle to the other. But this rivalry stems from the fact that neither driver fancies being the number two man.

It started back at the Bahrain Grand Prix when Nico Rosberg felt Lewis Hamilton pulled a move on him that was dangerous and over the line, but that was just the beginning. The drama continued with fall outs after the Monaco Grand Prix behind the scenes. However, there were signs of problems backstage for the Mercedes pair at the Hungarian Grand Prix when the Mercedes team ordered Lewis Hamilton to let Nico Rosberg past by him. The team demanded for Hamilton to slow down to allow Rosberg through with just 20 laps of the race to go, meaning the German would go on to win. Following on from that GP, Hamilton mentioned that he was shocked by the team orders; on the other hand, Rosberg refused to comment on the matter. The cracks in their partnership were slowly showing.

Most recently, this rivalry took a turn for the worst or so some would say. At the Belgian Grand Prix, the pair were sitting in front of the pack early on in the race, before Rosberg seemed to clip Hamilton which lead to a punctured tyre for the Englishman and an alarming reaction on the radio suggesting Rosberg had deliberately hit him. Following on from the race, Rosberg suggested it was an accident with Hamilton claiming it could have been deliberate. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff suggested the incident was unacceptable. It seems these two will be going head to head more often than we first thought and the next opportunity they have to get the next punch in is at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend.

Where is this rivalry going to go from here? Who knows! But we can be sure that the rest of the F1 season is not to be missed!

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