F1 Returns to Europe




The F1 circus heads to Monaco this weekend for the second leg of the European calendar, and as usual at this time of the season we have a very good idea of the challengers for the crown, the surprise packages and the teams that need to improve.

Here’s our review of the 2015 F1 season so far:

Champions – Mercedes

The first 5 races of the season have seen Mercedes carry on from where they left off last year dominating in both Qualifying and race day. Although it hasn’t been as easy as it was last year, Mercedes, in particular Hamilton however, do look like they are going to walk away with the title at this stage. We have also seen gaps developing between Hamilton and his teammate and rival Nico Rosberg. It appears that Hamilton is being recognised by the team as the number one driver which will not please Rosberg who won the Spanish Grand Prix, will we see a fallout because of this??? Watch this space…

Runners up (main challengers) – Ferarri

Ferrari have improved massively in 2015, with Vettel winning the Malaysian GP in dominant style. Ferrari have also been competitive in Qualifying with Vettel and Raikonnen putting on some impressive displays. It appears that 4 time champion, Vettel has breathed a new lease of life into the Ferrari team. Hopefully the first 5 races have been a sneak peek into the remainder of the season and we will see Ferrari and Mercedes battle it out in future races and possibly the title.

Best of the rest – Williams

Williams have carried on the good work they did last season with some inspiring displays and are looking at this stage, as the best of the rest, with Massa and Bottas putting in some good displays. I’m sure seeing the popular Williams hitting some good form will come as good news to many F1 fans.

Room for improvement – Mclaren Honda & Redbull

Mclaren have had the worst start imaginable to the 2015 season. Jenson Button was in his car for barely 10 minutes for the whole of the Bahrain GP weekend which is symbolic of their season. Alonso’s much anticipated arrival has also failed to set the racing world alight. Many people are wondering whether Mclaren will ever get back to their best, surely they will but it looks like it’s not going to be for a while. Many people are blaming the perfectionist Mclaren engineering team for tinkering with the car too much, others are blaming the overall team atmosphere for the slump in form – one thing we do know is that the Mclaren team need to improve and improve fast!!

Red Bull as well look like they’ve lost they’re mojo from previous years, with some very average races so far. It was never going to be an easy year for Red bull with losing Adrian Newie, they’re superstar engineer, to Red Bulls Sailing team. Can Ricciardo inspire the team back to their former glory?

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