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dcd1411my215It’s been the season for Lewis Hamilton so far hasn’t it? A man who’s patience has often been questioned and lack of focus from time to time has bought critics onto himself. But this season, the boy on the track has turned into the man. He’s always had an aggressive edge and a nature on the track that automatically draws your eye to him but that’s often been a part of the problem he’s created for himself.

The worrying thing for the rest of the racers is that many feel Hamilton still has another gear, an extra bit of a urge to push him well above the rest of his rivals. That partnered with is ever growing endeavour and aggression, there may still be a lot more to come from the Brit and with Silverstone still to come, that may be his time to shine on home soil!

The Mercedes pair of Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have a hint of similarities to Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber last year. They both want to out-do one another, which is a healthy kind of rivalry, or is it? Remember Vettel holding Webber off at the finish line last year? That caused frictions, that didn’t seem to bother Vettel but certainly got under the skin of Webber.

Would Mercedes be too bothered if the same thing happens this year? Last years champion Vettel has had faulty car during the majority of this season and a bit of bad luck to usher him out of Hamilton’s path at times. But it seems it was only a matter of time until Hamilton came to life, the question arises, would Hamilton at his best out-race Vettel at his?

With the Monaco GP around the corner, you get the feeling that this could swing in anyone’s direction as it often does at Monaco, will it be Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari? Let us know in the comments box below, or tweet us @kitbaguk or you can post on our Facebook too!

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