Football Boots for Wider Feet – What Should I Buy?



Ever been stuck because of your wider feet? Well Footy Boots give us an insight into what boots would be best for you!

Whilst we’d all love to lace up the same football boots as our favourite players, buying a new pair of boots is a big investment – and few things sting like taking your new weapons out for a spin and finding they’re just not right for your feet (shy of a slide-tackle off Pepe).

Players with with a wider-than-average foot shape will know exactly what we’re getting at; from rubbing on the side of the toes and heel to cramping in the arch and mid-foot, it’s tough having a wide or flat foot.

But not all boots have to be restrictive or uncomfortable from the get-go; despite football boots getting lighter, there are a great amount of options available for those with more substantial hooves who want to play their best. Today, we’re running down some of the best options.

First, a general piece of information; a lot of people expect boots to stretch and ‘break in’ over time, but some cleats might have less give than you might think. A good rule of thumb is that leather boots like the Tiempo Legend or Puma King series will stretch thanks to the natural properties of leather.

However, synthetic releases like the Mercurial Vapor or f50 adizero might break in and mould around a foot, but won’t stretch to accommodate a wearer’s foot.

Nike Hypervenom:

One of our go-to recommendations for the wider-footed player, Nike’s Hypervenom Phantom football boots are perfectly suited for a wider foot from the off.

Built around a mesh base and constructed from a single-piece upper, the Hypervenom Phantom has very little padding inside for a lovely, roomy feel that accommodates wider forefeet, flatter midfeet and swollen heels.


What a perfect boot for a wider foot PUMA have created here. Designed to stretch in both the upper and the soleplate to allow a natural kicking motion, the evoPOWER 1 offers a lightweight, feature-filled option for any foot shape.

Like the Hypervenom, the inside of the boot is fairly sparse – PUMA actually moved some features like the EverFit Cage to the outside of the boot during development – for a superb over-all boot with bags of space inside.

Warrior Superheat:

Speed-boot options for wide-footed players are a little sparse, but the Superheat is a solid option for players with a wide forefoot.

Looking at the boot from the top-down, you can immediately see how roomy the toe-box is, and with the whole boot created from a lightweight, waterproof ‘NeoWeb’ mesh, this is a synthetic boot that will mould to your foot shape more than others.

PUMA King :

A boot that aims to offer up the best of both worlds, the most recent entry to the PUMA King legend is leather in the front, and a synthetic in the back.

Not only does this boot result in a lightweight, more waterproof King, but it also works with the lacing system to provide a boot that is very generous in the room stakes, with just the right amount of stretch.

adidas adiPure 11pro:

If you tend to find that some boots are just a little uncomfortable, then the adidas adiPure 11pro is another accommodating boot that feels at home on just about any foot – as well as anywhere on the pitch.

The traditional, centre lacing system means you can slacken the boot off for a customisable fit, whilst the smooth interior lining keeps rubbing and blisters to an absolute minimum.

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