It is a month that has seen many title challenges solidified… while others were left in tatters.

A month where new stars have made a first impact… as legends reached their breaking point.

From record-breaking feats and ground-breaking glories to the cruelest of heart-breaking failures, February’s #MakeOrBreak milestones have helped to shape countless campaigns; propelling clubs towards coveted silverware, with rivals rendered broken in their wake.

Meanwhile, a number of the game’s greatest players have broken down doors in the year’s second month, becoming made men as a direct result of their standout February efforts.

Now, to celebrate 2017′s #MakeOrBreak Month, Kitbag.com will take a special month-long look at a number of the moments that have made February a pivotal footballing period.

As teams across Europe reach their own #MakeOrBreak crossroads, Kitbag will additionally be weighing in on some of the sink or swim scenarios that are set to define the 2016-17 season.

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The scene is set – it’s #MakeOrBreak time!

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