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Facebook_1200X1200-v2 has rolled out the black and white carpet to welcome the new Nike Premiers to our  Boot Room. But what makes these limited edition releases so special? The answer lies in the very building blocks of Nike’s football brand – and a pair of pairs that changed the game.

Introducing the Swoosh

Something of a false start for the emergent Nike label, 1971-72’s ‘The Nike’ was a visual treat, yet this seminal effort struggled to withstand the elements and other demands of the Beautiful Game. In spite of these teething problems, this formidable forerunner remains notable for being the first footballing footwear to utilise the now-synonymous Nike Swoosh. With attempts to infiltrate the formative market temporarily put on on hold, Nike would soon switch its attention back to other sports, though the smart aesthetic upheld by ‘The Nike’ would become a continued source of inspiration when the manufacturer returned to the field.

Raising the Tiempo

It was more than three decades later, in the halcyon summer of 1994, that the Nike brand made its most seismic impact yet on football’s biggest stage. Launched in time for the landmark 1994 FIFA World Cup, the Nike Tiempo Premier brought the timeless visuals of ‘The Nike’ seamlessly through to the modern era, with superstars like Paulo Maldini, Romario and others ensuring the updated Nike image remained a common sight across the month-long tournament. By the time of July’s final at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, no fewer than ten players involved wore the Nike motif on their feet, making 1994 a real breakthrough summer.


Black to black (and white)

A generation removed from USA ’94, Nike has affirmed its position as a true market leader in the football boot realm; its upgrades synonymous with marquee Nike signings, from Eric Cantona and Ronaldinho to Andrea Pirlo and Sergio Aguero. Now, in the wake of a spectrum of colour having characterised the boot market, Nike have made themselves the centre of attention once more, returning to their origins to innovate a smart new heritage boot for today’s modern player. Taking their early 70s starting point and 1994 emergence as effective design coordinates, the Nike Premier boots of 2016 jettison colour in favour of constrasting all-white and blackout styles, with the classic Swoosh look of yesteryear an integral part.


Premier attributes

Making use of premium materials like goat and kangaroo leather, the Nike Premier boots are constructed with comfort and soft touch in mind, while providing each player the platforms to make their mark across the pitch. Benefiting from enhanced heel-to-toe flexibility, these boots’ engineered insole board helps deliver smooth transitions during play, while facilitating the kind of multi-directional movement that can change the course of a match in an instant. With a superior suede heel lining functioning to restrict players’ slipping, conical studs of varying volume facilitate further stability, while each Nike Premier purveyor is supported effectively by way of optimised traction. Moreover, with the anatomically-accurate design of the boots’ contoured last reflecting the body’s true form and structure, the new Nike Premier boots supply the kind of shape that wraps around the foot, in a fitting, glove-like fashion.

Available now

The rebooted Nike Premier Boots are set to be a festive favourite at this winter, with all-black and all-white varieties available, intended for use on firm grass pitches. AC


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