October: The month of surprises



We spoke to Robbie Savage earlier this week about the month of October in the Premier League and the Champions League, here’s five things he had to say:

1. Southampton and West Ham are stealing the show

Saints have had a constant team, 7 players who’ve played in every game, that’s the reason they’re doing so well. They’ve got a goal scorer, great back 4, only conceded 5 goals. As for West Ham, Big Sam has done a job hasn’t he? James Collins has been unbelievable at the back and then they’ve had Sakho who’s been smashing the goals in for them. He’s pulled a rabbit out of the hat with that!

2. Alan Pardew: The Turnaround

The way Pardew has turned it around is unbelievable and that’s a huge credit to him. His subs have worked a treat for him, Ayoze Perez coming on against Liverpool, grabbing the winner.

3. Alexis Sanchez: The terrier

I’m a big fan of this guy, I saw him in the World Cup and he could play but he works for the team as well. I’m not sure he’s 100% what Arsenal precisely need, as a centre half and a holding midfielder is probably closer to what they could do with, but he can play and he gives them an extra X factor. He was a personal favourite of mine during October, I think he’ll carry on too. He scores all types of goals and just has a knack to grab important goals.

4. Manchester City struggling again

City, out of the cup, not really got going in the league and barely going to get through to the next round of the Champions League, they’ll be lucky if they do. City and United’s squad are worth around £750m, we’ve got to the end of October and neither look like they’re going to win anything. City won’t with the Champions League, both Manchester clubs out of the cup, Chelsea storming the league, what are they both going for? FA cup? Ridiculous if you ask me!

5. Champions League

It looks like Liverpool will progress, lucky for them Ludogorets doing the job for them against Basel. So I fancy them to make it through personally. City are real up against it for me but they’ve got the home game against Bayern, they’ve got to beat Bayern and they might do it, who knows? Chelsea look like they’ll be going through and the same for Arsenal in the Champions League. But it’s not been the best Champions League for the Premier League!

What do you think? Has Savage called it right? What’s been your highlight of October? Tweet us @kitbaguk, comment below or write to us on Facebook.

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