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Nike Plus Running

Danielle, Kitbag running and women’s fitness expert, gives you the lowdown on Nike+…

Nike+ is designed to motivate and push you to go that one step further. It tracks your progress and lets you set your own personal targets. Upload your run data to nikeplus.com to track your activities and even compare and compete with others. It’s like your very own personal trainer!

There are three different pieces of equipment available. Firstly there is the Nike+ sensor. You will need this for any device, and this is placed in your Nike+ ready trainer. Then all you need to do is start running. You can then sync the sensor with your Nike+ Sport Watch, Sport Band or Apple device and upload all of your run data to nikeplus.com. The sensor will track and monitor your running progress, tracking your pace, distance, time and calories burned. The information is sent wirelessly to your device for real time updates while you train.

You can always use the Nike+ sensor with your Apple device but there are also other options available. Cue the Nike+ sports band. This is a handy and convenient way of monitoring your workout.  It includes an adjustable band to comfortably fit your wrist and an easy to read, customisable display. It comes with a Nike + sensor so you can sync up and start receiving feedback straight away. It also allows you to review data from your last run and your weekly run data, keeping you motivated and gearing you to push that one step further.

Finally, the Nike+ GPS Sport watch is powered by Tomtom and combines with the Nike+ sensor so is suitable for the treadmill or outdoor terrains. Outdoors, the GPS will pinpoint your exact location and allow you to plan your running route online. Indoors, it uses the Nike+ sensor to monitor your run performance. It stores your run history and keeps tabs on your personal records. It even reminds you to run, so you will no longer have any excuses!

But don’t forget, most importantly you will need a pair of Nike+ compatible footwear. They are available for feet of all different shapes and sizes, even for those who like the barefoot running option. So why not give it a go? If you already have let us know what you think below!

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