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Marathon Running

Everyone has caught running fever! Doing a marathon seems to be a new rite of passage, and it’s easy to see why; the buzz of the atmosphere, the mighty challenge you are setting yourself, and the feeling of incredible relief to complete it in one piece. At Kitbag.com there are a celebrated few who have been brave enough to complete this epic feat of endurance, so they have compiled a list of MUST HAVE’s to help you get through Marathon running and to give an insight into exactly what to wear for a marathon.

1. Without question it’s running shoes at number 1.

Everyone knows you need running shoes, but we are talking about GREAT running shoes. Knowing your running style and the trainers best suited to your running gait is the key to putting your feet under such pressure for 4+ hours. Click here to read our guide to choosing the right running shoe.

Then, once you have selected your pair of running shoes (£80+ is around what you should pay for a quality pair) you need to wear them in. Don’t think ‘I’ll save those bad boys until race day.’  This is a fatal error of judgement! Your feet will be in blister hell! Make sure you have run for at least a couple of weeks in your trainers and made sure you feel comfortable enough in them.

2. Spare socks

The first pair are also crucial… running socks wick sweat away from your feet so that your feet remain as dry as possible, but half way through if you are feeling sore it can be a great idea to stop, plaster up any blisters or soon-to-be blisters and put new dry socks on…saves wringing sweat out of the others!

3. Bumbag filled with supplies

Great for running, a bumbag filled with the essentials can help you pass the finish line. Fill it with plasters, sweets, energy gels and chocolate. It really will get you over the line!

4. Weather/Season/Location-based clothing

It’s hard to recommend the perfect marathon outfit because of the changing seasons and the various places across the world you can run a marathon, but try your best not to overdress for the occasion. Even if it’s a bit cooler, it’s best to wear a warm up jacket until the start of the race and then put it somewhere safe for the run. You can’t go wrong with an outfit consisting of a good sweat wicking running t-shirt and running tights to avoid chafing. Running shorts are ideal for sunny days but Vaseline any bare flesh that could rub together! If it’s cold wear a lightweight jacket, running gloves and running hat for the run – you won’t appreciate being cold when you have to be out in it all day!

5. SPF

If it’s sunny make sure you have a high SPF on. Goes without saying, but you don’t want to turn up to work on Monday looking like a beetroot!

Make sure to add your running tips below and let us know what you wear to run a marathon.

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